Stress, The Outdated American Way of Life.

Stress is linked to the leading causes of disease and death in America, including  heart disease (1), cancer(2) and obesity (3). As studies continue to reveal the devastating effect that chronic stress has on our health, Americans are seeking a path back to wellness and a different way of life.

More and more people are bucking that stressful traditional path, slowing down and finding ways out of the rat-race of corporate hours and lifestyle. They are looking for healthier ways of being and living. According to the NIH, 38% of Americans age 18 and older are turning to holistic practitioners and complimentary therapies to reverse disease and reduce stress (4). Such therapies and services may include Yoga, Nutrition, Massage, Reflexology, Ayurvedic medicine, Acupuncture, Meditation, and more.

Reiki is now in the the top three complimentary therapies offered in some of the top hospitals all around the country (5), with patients experiencing marked reduction in anxiety, pain and sleeplessness. Programs using hypnotherapy for cancer pain relief, nausea and stress are launching across the country (6).  The C.A.R.E Channel and similar programs are connected in over thousands of hospitals and healthcare facilities in the U.S and abroad, providing guided imagery and meditation to support the healing process (7). Now, some insurance companies are providing plans that cover holistic healthcare alongside traditional healthcare (8). These companies are investing in wellness rather than the  disease model that has been the hallmark of western medicine for decades (9).

The revolutionary embrace of these therapies and modalities by the healthcare system simply reinforces the theory of mind-body connection (10) that many of these “alternative” medicines and philosophies have been preaching for decades, centuries, and in some cases, millennia.

When you are ready to begin your journey to wellness, there is an army of compassionate and experienced practitioners all around the world ready to help you, and science is now backing them up. Discover what works for you and find your holistic team mates and find your new way of life.

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