Your Stardusted Path

It is a scientific fact that every atom and molecule of your being originated in the heart of collapsing stars. And those atoms and molecules coalesced, over billions of years, forming and transforming to eventually create the unique being that is you. That is sacred! Each and every one of us is made of stardust. Often in life, our experiences and our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us make us lose sight of our sacred and starry origins. By healing, growing and transforming, we rediscover that greatness within ourselves.


Transpersonal hypnotherapy is an incredibly effective modality used to create change quickly and easily by inducing a deeply relaxed state coupled with focus and concentration. Negative beliefs, behaviors, ideas, thoughts and patterns can be gently and successfully shifted into new, healthier ways of being.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a way to get clear on what you want and map out your path in easy, actionable steps, while being held accountable. A coach encourages you, supports you and sees you for who you truly are.

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki is a subtle energy healing practice originating in Japan. It is deeply relaxing and therapeutic. It is now one of the top three complimentary therapies used in U.S hospitals.

Embrace Your stardusted path

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